We were invited by Além do Sushi to participate in project Gochisou! In this initiative, we were able to pay tribute to a restaurant called Meu Udon by the chef Yoshio Mizumoto. We have been customers since they opened in the Liberdade district, in the city of Sao Paulo. We never got to talk to the chef but, as we were regular customers, we considered him a person close to us. Even because whenever we visited the place he was there to greet us when we arrived and thank us when we left. That familiarity created an affection for the space and so we used it as a shelter for the years it was there.

Below are some sketches and a bit of our illustration development process.

It was really cool to think about every detail of the illustration: freckles, bandaids, t-shirt print, makeup, nail art, tattoos and a bunch of other stuff! We have even hidden our logo on the table as an easter egg.

Nothing beats the feeling of eating a hot broth udon as a reward for finishing a tiring project! By the way, we even use it as a reward for difficult times of complex work. It was thinking about this sensation that the concept for our art came up. We have tried to represent our affective memory through an explosion of colors and to visually reproduce that moment of being welcomed by this dish after having gone through exhausting moments.


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